School Sport Leiden

School Sport Leiden

Schoolsport Leiden

What is School Sport Leiden?

The Municipal School Sports Committee Leiden was established on January 17, 1947 and has the task of organizing, coordinating and promoting school sports in the broadest sense of the word. To this end, it organizes 24 inter-school sports tournaments for primary and secondary education. For 37 years now, she has been offering Leiden schoolchildren the opportunity to “browse” through 80 different introductory courses in an average of 8 lessons / hour at a certain branch of sport such as ice hockey at Leiden Lions. With this low-threshold sports stimulation, we try to encourage children to participate in structural sports.

For whom is Schoolsport Leiden

Schoolsport Leiden is meant for all primary schools in Leiden! Through Municipal School Sports Committee Leiden you can really experience ice hockey and who knows it might be the sport for you! You can sign up at

Personal development

After completing the School Sport you can of course stay at the Ice Hockey School and further develop into an excellent Ice Hockey player. After a few extra training sessions you will soon be ready to participate in one of our junior teams.

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